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This Is Who We Are
DJ Sammy & Chloe Marin
I Fly With You
DJ Sammy Vs. Miss Van Der Kolk
Dj Sammy
Everybody Hurts
DJ Sammy feat. Nyah
DJ Sammy_lbby haba
L’bby Haba
DJ Sammy
Prince of Love
DJ Sammy feat. Carisma
S.B. - 100 Years (DJ Sammy Remix)
DJ Sammy Remix
S.B. - 100 Years
Dj Sammy - Animal
DJ Sammy
Feel The Love
DJ Sammy
Bet On Me
DJ Sammy & Alessia Labate
Dj Sammy - Life just a game
Life Is Just A Game
DJ Sammy
S.B. - La Fiesta (Dj Sammy Remix)
DJ Sammy Remix
S.B. - La Fiesta
Wish I didn’t miss you
DJ Sammy - Wish I didn’t miss you
DJ Sammy x Romy Dya
Never Be Like You
DJ Sammy x Amelia Larsen x Lorena Dale
Better Days (feat. Scarlett)
DJ Sammy x Renns x STEEL
Have You Ever See The Rain
DJ Sammy x Micky Modelle x Jess Taggart

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MyClubroom Recordings is a global melting pot for pure hedonistic club music, influenced by a sense of original Balearic vibes and Berlin’s musical industrial energy.

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    A new concept for a great experience created by one of the icons of the music industry. Owner of MyClubroom recordings  influenced by Balearic and Berlin sounds